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Updating your Septic System

Older septic systems can be upgraded for your benefit with the addition of adapters and risers. This provides easier access to your inlet/outlet baffles and or "T" traps. No more shoveling or equipment needed the next time you have your tank serviced.

Installation Kit

Various Risers
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Installing Risers

Roto-Flow Equalizers are made from HDPE; they are designed to stand up in the septic environment with out failing. Our Roto-Flow designs ensure a good fit in all pipe sizes without collapsing or creating a loose fit. This will guarantee equal flow performance in your distribution box.

Filter tank

Flow equalizer

Adjustable flow equalizer

It is in your best interest to update your system now because of the danger of solids plugging the distribution box and drain fields. The addition of a filter on the tank outlet prevents this from happening and can save you considerable money in repairs.

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